Great Vacation Destinations In Italy

If you look to visit Italy for your vacation this summer, you should know that you are biting more than you can chew. You see, you have so much to see, experience and even do while in this great country; and you may not even explore everything that is there. Check out travrl services and products from The Roman Guy.

From great cuisines to fabulous hotels and accommodations to timeless and exceptionally exquisite cultural products - Italy is limitless with opportunities. What is more, there are great historical sites that will take you back to ancient times of the Roman Empire; and you have to feel that everything is becoming real. And then great sights that you can't afford to miss. But you need to ensure that you plan. Get to know all the places so that you can prioritize and make accurate decisions regarding your itinerary. Here are great places which should come first in your list - they are great in every way possible.

Such an apocalyptical place to visit. You can't miss this one. The city is internationally popular for its cultural and historical powerhouse. It is this city where you will find some of the most critical relics from the Roman Empire, popularly known as the Colosseum. You will also get the Michelangelo's greatest of all time works, especially in the Sistine Chapel. And then there are splendid and culturally designed Italian cuisines. You see, Rome has plenty of Michelin-starred eateries in the entire country. If you are a Catholic, you have an opportunity to find the place where the first stone of the denomination was laid, the Vatican. 

It feels as if it is a small Italian town - but that isn't the case. The city is situated in the middle of the scenic and charming Tuscan valley. What is more, the city is lined with gorgeous avenues that lead to picturesque squares that come in all sizes. You would not want to miss this great piazza of Del Duomo - it has this spectacular namesake church. And still, the quixotic Ponte Vecchio overlooks the Arno River; offering such a great scene during the sunset.

Such a unique and tremendously great city. It id is such a city that is largely associated with canals that run through the city much like roads. It carries water taxis and buses, as well as the fleet of the famous gondolas. With such a palpable bustle, you can be sure to meet thousands of vacationers as well. Check out tours at

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